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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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>> >> >> >> good morning. it's june 25, 2015. welcome to the rules committee of the san francisco board of supervisors. my name
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is john avalos the chair of the committee. joined to my left my supervisor malia cohen and we will be joined by the vice chair katy tang. our elect is alisa somera and clerk do we have any announcements? >> yes. make sure to silence cell phones and devices and speaker cards and parts of the file should be submitted to the clerk and items will be on the july 7 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> very good. we will call item 1 and two together. >> item 1 and two are reappointments for for jane kim and eric mar for the association of bay area governments executive board. >> very good. these are reappointments and the two supervisors have been serving already on the association of bay area governments and i fully support their coming forward -- their reappointments. we will
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open this up for public comment. any member of the public that would like to comment please come forward. >> good morning supervisors. so respectful and [inaudible] it's gorgeous [inaudible] person beautiful looking -- >> if you could keep your comments to the item itself. thank you very much. >> may i have the overhead please. my name is francisco decosta and the few few seconds i want to explain to the people at home that when we advocates come in what we do is fill out a card, and we do fill out the
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card because we don't waste our time. time is very precious for us. for me i like to come and look at you in the eye so that i can write about it in my blog whatever transpires so today we are here to reappoint two board of supervisors to the bay area air quality management district. we consider these appointments very important because they're linked with quality of life issues. way back in 2004 hundreds of us went before the bay area air management equipment district and we described to them what a company by the name of lein regard urban did to the community -- >> if you save his time for a moment. this is not the air quality management district.
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it's the association of bay area governments so just want to make sure you're clear about that. >> so what happens is when people -- when our supervisors represent on this associations and board and i choose the bay area air management quality district as an example. they're there to represent the people. that's the main point i want to make and i also want to make a point and gives me an opportunity when you fill out the card under the sunshine ordinance and the brown act the chair should recognize those people that fill out their card. i think that's right, and i have seen recently a chair of
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one committee not do that so that was my main reason to speak at public comment, but also to tell the people at home whoever represents in any of the organizations -- >> thank you very much. any other members of the publicd that like to comment? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] okay. colleagues these are live before us and if we could have a motion on these items? >> all right . through the chair i would like to make a motion to approve item 1 and two and send them to the full board with recommendation. >> second. >> motion by supervisor tang and second by supervisor cohen and we will take that without objection. item number 3 please. >> item number 3 is a hearing to consider appointing one member term ending june 30, 2017 to the park, recreation and open space advisory committee. there is one seat and one applicant. >> okay. great. do we have
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the applicant here? okay. please come forward. okay. if you just want to give a brief introduction up to two minutes, your interest in the committee, and your experience, and why you would be a good fit that would be great. >> okay. thank you supervisors for having me. my name is kim hirschfeld and i have lived in san francisco all my life and currently live in north beach and it would be an honor to serve for the park, recreation and open space advisory committee. i have advocated for open spaces all my life. i have two children in san francisco, and i work on the advocation to redo
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joe dimago park and the library and i worked on the bathroom for michelangelo park and have been an cat for [inaudible] for many different area schools in the area and i love the community and open spaces and it would be an honor to advocate for open spaces in district 3. >> thank you. have you been able to attend or observe any of the meetings? >> i have not because i am just applying to be on the committee so it was my understanding that i had to come before you before i attended any of the meetings but i have attended other city meetings and i'm going to -- i have been involved in other city events. >> thank you. and so just
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looking at prosack and you talk about your understanding of how they have been an effective body, how it can be stronger. what are the ways it's really asserted its influence and decision making within rec and park especially over land? >> well, i see prosac as a partnership between the government and the community, and i think it's a wonderful partnership and i think that more entities like them should be formed because the city's really a partnership such as offices such as yours and the families and the citizen it is that live in the -- citizens that live in the city and i have been a proponent of open space for a long time and my family has lived in san francisco a long time so as a proponent i
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would bring all of my experience as a city resident and as a proponent of open spaces, and also work on the partnership between the city and the community of san francisco. >> thank you. and are there any particular parts of san francisco that you're looking at in terms of where prosac can have a strong influence? >> well i think in my district district 3, where there are many parks that can be refurbished i think first and more most that joe dimago which is in my district we need to bring multi-generational use of the park and make sure it's available not only to families but to seniors and other people in the community that can use it. >> thank you. thank you. colleagues any comments or questions? okay. we will go on
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to public comment. thank you so much for your presentation and your interest on serving and we will hear from the public and then we will make a decision about moving your position forward to the full board. >> thank you very much. thanks for your time. >> okay. so public comment is now open on this item. any member of the public who would like to comment? >> i put in the focus of individualization of the statement, the public statement, a public comment on this issue on the committee, job position. i subject anybody in the future to come to city hall as for money and position -- [inaudible]. i would would say no [inaudible] no paycheck. no non-profit -- [inaudible] planning and no funding. >> okay. thank you and there
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are no other members of the public to comment we will close public comment. [gavel] so this item is before us. supervisor tang. >> thank you very much. i am always glad to see members of the community to serve the city and i am happy to recommend kim hirschfeld for the position and move to the full board. >> okay. moved and seconded and we can take that without objections and congratulations and we will see you at the full board. [gavel] next item please. >> item 4 is hearing to consider appointing one member for entertainment commission. there is one seat and four applicants. >> okay. members we forseen this coming and theodora caminong coming on to the commission and short lived and happened in july
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when the seat is up but the process is that we will actually have to see -- vet the seat through the rules committee so we have a few applicants in place and i think only one is here today and a couple declined to come but i think mr. wills is here so -- wells is here so if you could come forward and maybe three or four months we seen you last. >> [inaudible] >> yeah we seen you a lot. >> i have been around. thank you supervisors. it's always good to have an opportunity to speak. i have checked in with jocelyn kane and she's satisfied with ther dora's commissioner up to a point. i was unclear as to what might transpire today and i just wanted to say a couple of things and one is reiterate my interest in serving in the city. i have been working since we
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last met each other to help a friend of mine who is disabled trying to keep the rent controlled apartment in the mission being evicted due to a roommate not paying rent. that situation has resolved itself and we're moving forward but it absorbed a lot of my time and opportunities to serve they would like to see might be in the future. i do want to address one thing that came up as a result of my application and the four applicants by the way. jeremy wallenberg has joined us on the board of directors of market street railway, so he found a place to serve with us there. and also in light of a lot of recent news that's happened want i would like to address one thing. in some racist circles i would be considered a member of a minority group. one of the things that was said the last
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time was that the appointment was going to go or the important thing was it was -- theodora was a young woman of color. i know the first thing i'm out of luck for changing. it's too late for that. definitely not going to be young. i never had a desire to. >> from bruce to jocelyn and the thing that happened with the naacp i didn't know i could be a woman of color in i choose but in all seriously i think part of our focus in the city should be content of character and moreover i think that as places go in the world san francisco does have a lot more balance than a lot of other places. i would like to refocus on another position, a commission or another way to serve the city as i do as a resident for the last
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32 years on potrero hill and i at this point will withdraw in favor of ther dora since she seems to be doing a good job. >> mr. wells before you leave maybe you could stop my office and touch base with staff. thank you. >> yes, i will. >> mr. wells i appreciate you coming here today and looking over your application i really appreciate all the service you have given to san francisco and beautiful work against graffiti on muni and work on valencia and of course you work in media as well and thank you for continuing to be interested in this body and hope you can develop a strong relationship with supervisor cohen's office and see where else you might be able to serve. okay. thank you. we will open this item up for public comment. any member
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of the public? okay, the mic is yours. >> continuation -- [inaudible] need to be nonstop, the continuation. supervisors -- mayor (inaudible) california governor. mr. obama and pathway to enforce. job position. i myself -- i want here (inaudible) decision and salary and i engage with passion for my duty -- >> sir, do you want to keep your comments -- thank you. it works every time. okay. we will close public comment. [gavel] and colleagues this item is before us live. supervisor tang. >> thank you. so i think as chair avalos alluded to earlier i am interested in keeping
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ms. caminong in seat one for the entertainment commission and given i supported her in the previous appointment and would like her to continue for the full time so i make a motion to move theodora caminong for appointment to the entertainment commission. >> i second the comments as well as the motion. >> okay. we're in full agreement about that and we anticipated this a few months back when ms. caminong appeared before us and thank you colleagues for all coming together on this and we will take the motion without objection. [gavel] next item please. >> item 5 is a motion approving or rejecting the mayor's nomination of audrey joseph to the entertainment commission. term ending july 1, 2019. >> ms. joseph welcome. >> thank you. good morning supervisors. i am one of the founding members of the entertainment commission which will celebrate the 12th year on
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july 1 and we were a small commission that had no power, and as of now we have accomplished a great deal. we've had legislation passed that increased our powers, so that we were better regulate the night club industry has improved its actions, and also we help supervisor wiener with economic impact studies showing how night life improves the city. i myself have been in the industry for a very long time, and i have a certificate in sound attenuation so i'm an expert in the field so i would like to continue for one more term and see where else we can take this especially now that we have just released an economic impact study on street fairs which is amazing for what it benefits
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the city so i am here to answer any of your questions. >> thank you very much ms. joseph. you served how many years now in the entertainment commission? >> 12. >> 12 years. so one of the founding members and just can you talk briefly where we're at recently in terms of looking at night life but what do you think are some of the major accomplishments over the years on the commission, what your contributions have been? >> my personal contributions? i help educate not only the staff but the other commissioners on exactly how night life operates. i owned one of the largest clubs in the city for 14 years and we had yich vully no violations during that time and i built another club that is still in existence with my previous partnership and it operates really well so club operations having to do with employees, responsible alcohol
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service, sound attenuation, responsible treatment of patrons is one of the things they was able to do. also having educated everybody else about the patron experience and how important that is. we talk about safe paths of travel for people at night when they leave the clubs, and also my expertise in sound, so when a club comes before us and they tell us what kind of sound they're having and what their sound proofing is i can make comments on that that is educated and comes from experience as well, so those are some of the things. i also have been really active in some of the legislation that was passed and including is thatrod's legislation and requires entertainment to have a certain number of security cards and one per 100 and patrol the venue in 50 feet of either direction so
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i'm an advocate for my industry but in that advocacy i advocate for responsible night life. >> thank you. any other questions from the committee? supervisor tang. >> i think just given your vast experience and just want to thank you for being a founding member of this commission. have you ever over time seen the issues change or evolve and what are some of the things? i mean you spoke about your experience and some of the issues you worked on but again given your unique time on the commission are there things that you seen changed or more pressing these days that are facing the entertainment commission? >> i have seen an amazing amount of change. when our commission started no one took us seriously. i mean we have fostered great relationships with the police department and the alcohol licensing unit of the police department. we have great relationships with the state and the abc. we have fostered great relationships with night club owners in
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general where they respect us and our rules and regulations, and they take us seriously, so also i think the public in general takes us more seriously. we address noise complaints pretty rapidly, and work to achieve solutions. also our staff that jocelyn kane heads up has a mediation process where they bring in residents and night clubs and mediate a solution to problems whether it's pedestrian traffic when the clubs come out, noise, music, whatever it is. we have a mediation process and i think that has worked well and i think we made immense progress for being only 12 years old in this bureaucracy of this government. >> thank you. no other questions we can go on to public comment. we would like to thank you for serving on the
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entertainment commission. >> thank you very much. >> that's my cup of tea and restaurant and theater, and 60% [inaudible] on to social well -- waiter, receptionists, even officer headquarters. i know the noise and music. i mean people line of restaurant, theater, all of this. this is one of the most freedom, freedom to yell make noise and let them be. >> any other member of the public that would like to comment? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] and supervisor tang. >> all right. well, i would like to extend my complete thanks to ms. joseph for the long service of the entertainment commission and brings value to this commission so i would like to motion to approve then to amend the -- i
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guess the resolution to approve the mayor's reappointment of audrey joseph to the entertainment commission and send that to the full board. >> okay. a motion by supervisor tang. seconded by supervisor cohen and we will take that wholeheartedly without objection. [gavel] okay. next item please. >> item 6 is a hearing to consider appointing one member term ending march 1 2017 and term ending march 1, 2018 to the in-home supportive services public authority. there are three seats and three applicants. >> we have three applicants and we will take them in the order on the agenda. the first is kenzi robi. i think this other mic robi. >> hello. can you hear me all
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right? >> yes. >> hello. i want to thank you for allowing me to be here today, and i just basically am really looking forward to serving on the public authority's governing board again. i was reelected as president of the governing board, and i've gotten a lot of experience within the last couple of years and sort of baptism by fire. it's been a hands on learning job that sort of came naturally but it took me a while to get it, so the time i have invested as far as being on the chair is so very, very, very important to me because there is no monetary amount i could put on it. it's something i like to do from my heart and basically as a moderator i can understand the necessity for strong
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leadership and i feel myself growing stronger and stronger in my skills as far as speaking and working with individuals. i just recently went to capital action day and another experience working with the staff and the senator's staff as far as getting our point across as far as what we need and what we would like them to support, and i found it very, very useful and i plan to make more trips to sacramento, and to encourage others to advocate for themselves. >> thank you mr. robi. what job do you think you had the most influence on or learned the most about in your time serving on the authority? >> well, i guess it would probably be the fair labor act
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-- please forgive me -- as far as them -- the department of labor offering to give the care providers overtime, but then having the rug snatched from under them. i thought it was a great waste of time and a waste of resources, but mainly as a board member i have been working to try to get people to come out and express what they need as consumers, and i have been strongly working with the mentor program which is a new program. we revamped it recent lie because the old program. >> >> wasn't as efficient and we're attempting to optimize that now and as far as keeping people in the community safe and active and productive which is one of my main goals is to see
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to it that people who are disabled, elderly, aging that they realize they can make a difference and not just to stay in a house but actually be productive. >> great. and then so it touches upon one of the issues that consumers face. what do you say are some of the main issues that consumers face? >> i guess it would -- it would be the time sheets. they change the format and some people are having problems with that, and i guess maintaining their care providers. that would most likely be the main issue. i know people who are constantly searching for a care provider and it's difficult when they have to wait several weeks in order to get paid. i have
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people who work for me and they had to pay the rent so they had to quit because they had to wait too long. it's un realistic to have someone wait more than four weeks to get paid. that's the main issue i have seen as far as consumers. >> is that under the jurisdiction of the authority to remedy or state or government control? >> we're definitely working with the consumers to be a good employer and helping them to be more efficient. we actually have a one stop shop at the public authority and it was a great individual where individuals can come in and spop by. they have access to computers and access to information and training whether
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it be medical or [inaudible]. we're basically trying to cover everything or as much as possible to educate the consumer and the provider. >> great. thank you. there are no other questions right now so will hear from all the applicantses for the seat and open up public comment. not yet. we will hear from the other applicants first. thank you mr. robi. thank you for your service on the authority. >> thank you. >> so next up is gustavo serina. >> good morning. my name is gustavo serina. i have served on the commission for aging and adult services for a number of years. i was the first openly gay president and as a consequence of serving on the commission i have been serving